Viagra for Women

An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended the approval of Sprout Pharmaceutical’s flibanserin, for premenopausal women who are distressed by decreased sex drive. The little pink pill, marketed under the name Addyi, has been hailed by some as “female Viagra”. Up to one third of all women experience decreased sex…
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Newest Gyn Surgeries Meet Needs of Today’s Woman

Millions of women in the United States suffer from chronic, often debilitating pain and discomfort as a result of a number of gynecological conditions. Pelvic pain, abnormal or heavy bleeding caused by ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, or endometriosis can stop a woman in her tracks and interfere with every aspect of her life. When medication…
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Dr. Young Explains Robotic Surgery

1. The patient's abdomen is marked where the tiny incisions will be made. 2. The arms of the robot are staged and positioned before insertion. 3. The instruments typically held in the hands of a surgeon and her assistant, such as a grasper, scissors, suction and irrigation tools, are inserted into the patient’s abdomen. Once…
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