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Heavy Bleeding Specialist

Rockville Gynecology

Women's Health Clinic located in Rockville, MD

Heavy bleeding doesn’t have to keep you from the activities you love. At Rockville Gynecology, Astrid Von Walter, MD, and Carolynn Young, MD, help adolescent and adult women living with heavy bleeding manage their menstrual flow and get back their quality of life. If you’re tired of your heavy bleeding, call them or schedule your visit to their Rockville, Maryland, office online.

Heavy Bleeding Q & A

Is my heavy bleeding normal?

Every woman’s body is different — and that means so is her period. Some people have naturally light, short periods while others have to contend with heavy bleeding.

The medical term for excessive bleeding during periods is menorrhagia. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition include:

  • Soaking through a pad or tampon in an hour or less
  • Doubling your pads to manage the blood flow
  • Waking up in the night to change your tampons or pads
  • Blood clots larger than a quarter

Anemia is another symptom of heavy bleeding. You may be living with anemia due to the large amounts of blood loss if you feel constantly fatigued and are often short of breath. 

Some women experience heavy bleeding every time they get a period during their monthly cycle. Others may experience menorrhagia with irregular periods. Either way, the heavy bleeding can get in the way of your ability to enjoy your life worry-free during your period. 


Why is my period so heavy?

Your Rockville Gynecology practitioner can help you treat and manage your menorrhagia, which might be caused by:

  • A hormonal imbalance
  • Polyps or fibroids in your uterus
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • A nonhormonal IUD
  • Certain medications
  • Cancer

Because heavy bleeding can be caused by such a wide range of issues, the first step to effectively treating your menorrhagia is understanding what’s causing it. 

Rockville Gynecology offers hysteroscopies — minimally invasive diagnostic procedures that allow them to see what’s going on in your uterus and cervix — to aid in a fast and accurate diagnosis. 

Using a hysteroscopy and other highly effective diagnostic procedures, Dr. von Walter and Dr. Young help adolescent and adult women find the root cause of their heavy bleeding. 


What can I do about my heavy bleeding?

The good news about menorrhagia is that there are a number of treatment options you can explore. Medications, including oral contraceptives that balance your hormones, may offer you significant relief. Similarly, some IUDs can help decrease your menstrual flow. 

Rockville Gynecology also offers minimally invasive surgeries like endometrial ablation to lighten your period. If you’re living with heavy bleeding, talk to Dr. Young or Dr. von Walter about your symptoms so they can work with you to develop an effective treatment plan. 

Get started by calling Rockville Gynecology today or scheduling your appointment online using the booking tool.